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Integrating With Your Business

If you’re a sole trader, or your business is relatively small, then this probably isn’t going to apply to you. Everything will probably be straightforward and you’ll know exactly how our service will help you. We’ll be readily available whenever you need us.

But for established businesses with several employees and maybe an existing accounts function, then seamless integration becomes an important issue. We may need to do some planning ahead of hand over so that you have time to prepare for change.

We’ll want to fully understand your business processes, and how we should best dovetail to maximise on the efficiencies we and benefits we can deliver. And we’ll need to understand what management reports you need and how often.

You’ll probably also want to introduce us to one or two key people that we will liaise with on a day-to-day basis to deal with the transfer of paperwork to our offices, and any general queries that arise.

Our aim is to make sure we integrate seamlessly and provide Total Back Office Support so that we will seem just like your own accounts office

Sounds good? Then contact us now to set up a meeting.